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A Short Reflection ...

It’s been little under a year since my last blog post. Yes, this is a very long time, but it has not been an idle year. So, to kick start the blog again I have created a ‘time-line’ of the year so far!

Throughout the summer, I had the pleasure of visiting the Prague National Gallery and seeing Green Field (1889) By Vincent Van Gogh. It was the first time I had seen any of his work up-close and loved looking at the twists and turns of the paint and the colours that were used (perhaps I enjoyed this a little too much given the security guard very angrily told me to back away!). I attempted larger scaled pieces of works, but I found the scale difficult to manage and my paintings did not progress as I would have liked them to.

As autumn came around the variety of colours and harsher weather reinvigorated my work and I felt back on track! I gave a group presentation in the National Library of Wales which (successfully) challenged my abilities and confidence at public speaking, despite a few technical glitches

Throughout this period and into winter, my paintings took on a new lease of life and this continued into the new year. I found the size of work at which I am comfortable using and I am now looking forward to the coming exhibition in May.

Beyond this, I am now looking at potentially painting in a more abstract direction. With the changing seasons, getting to grips with the ever growing foliage will prove a great challenge, having gotten used to the twists and turns of winter branches!

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