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About Statement 


The woodland provides a constant source of inspiration and fascination. The variety of colour, plant-life, shape and texture changes from season to season, location to location. It is this constant diversity found within nature that I find the most intriguing and the many ways they can be interpreted through paint. 

My most recent paintings are constructed from my memories of walking in various local woodlands. When putting these memories and experiences onto the canvas, gradually and subconsciously, my own feelings of uneasiness at being in the woodland alone started to seep into my work. However, these feelings were not as prevalent during the 

summer when the woodland was brighter, greener and warmer. Whether it be winter or summer, the trees and branches began to form barriers into the woodland, which as a viewer I became evermore interested by.

Historically, woodlands have always been the settings of many fairy and folk tales and often the locations of more sinister activities and histories. It is this wealth of potential stories and experiences they may contain that surround me when painting and influence the way I paint. The pathways created in these images offer a variety of routes for the audience who might be tempted to enter the woodland and perhaps create their own scenarios and stories, as I do myself, losing themselves amongst the trees.


  • FBA Futures 2019, Mall Galleries, London.

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