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May Exhibition

The 20th of May marked the grand opening of the Degree Show and Postgraduate Exhibition at the School of Art. It was such a wonderful experience viewing everybody’s work in the exhibition setting. Having only seen snippets of people’s work throughout the year, it wonderful to see them in the flesh. As ever, there was a variety of art work this year and compared to last year, there seemed to be more print makers than the year before. Circular canvass’ were a running theme ranging from the abstract to embroidered photographs.

It’ll be sad to see so many people leave, many of whom I’ve been with since the beginning of my undergraduate time in Aberystwyth. Many still have their final postgraduate exhibition in September and it’ll be interesting to see as of September who will be joining the postgraduate course from the undergraduates. I wish them all the luck in the future wherever that may take them!

Naturally my thoughts turned to my own exhibition next May. I was asked by someone what my work will be like next year and I couldn’t imagine it. I tried to think but my work is changing and adapting rapidly so who knows what I will be painting in 6 months let alone 12!

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