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From A Levels to Masters

Four years ago may not seem like a long time ago, but within the past four years I have gained four A Levels, a degree and embarked on my Masters course! Looking back, completing my A levels and leaving school seems much longer ago. My school days are something I will never aspire to revisit again, but I was always happiest at school within my art classes and have my fondest memories of school in those lessons. So, it was quite a lovely surprise when my sister pointed out to

The Great Outdoors

​With the sun shining brightly in Aberystwyth today, I decided to finally give plein air painting a go. My only previous past experience was on the cold and windy beach down by the castle, so naturally I was put off from the experience! Today was a lovely day for it though and the colours seemed far more vivid and brighter than usual. The setting took a while to adjust to and so I found my painting style adjusted with it. The paint application I used was much thicker then usu

Walking with Dinosaurs

Last week I began to utilise the use of coloured of grounds on a canvas. Different colours have the power to change the hues and tones of different colours and set the mood and location of the painting. The colour chosen as a ground for a painting has the power to show and create a story all by itself, and that’s exactly what happened this week when using a mix of titanium white and prism violet as a coloured ground. After initially painting the first few trees and foliage, a

Springtime is here!

Living in Aberystwyth, you'd be forgiven for assuming that the only weather that existed was rain or cloud. Today was like any other day with the added excitement of hailstone thrown in (not quite snow but that's good enough for me!). Today I took a detour into the park the study the leaves and trees on my walk home. Gazing up at the trees around me, the twisting and arching branches of the trees whistled in the wind and seemed to add to the cold blueness of the day. It was n


Hello and welcome to my blog! My first post will be short and sweet, but I thought I'd start by showing you my studio space. Since September I've been making the space my own. My studio Space is not just a storage space for my artwork, it is my space away from home and work. A place I can relax and paint freely without worrying about lack of light or getting paint on the carpets! Making it feel homely is important for my creativity and myself personally as I get to my studio

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