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Springtime is here!

Living in Aberystwyth, you'd be forgiven for assuming that the only weather that existed was rain or cloud. Today was like any other day with the added excitement of hailstone thrown in (not quite snow but that's good enough for me!). Today I took a detour into the park the study the leaves and trees on my walk home. Gazing up at the trees around me, the twisting and arching branches of the trees whistled in the wind and seemed to add to the cold blueness of the day. It was not until I looked at the ground that I noticed all the Daffodils surrounding me - the very symbol of Spring! They seemed out of place on this very cold and blustery day. It was not until today I noticed the variety of colours Daffodils have, some were white and orange and varied in tone and colour through to their common yellow. With the Springtime well on the way the Aberystwyth woodland will rapidly begin to bloom and change everyday and as a consequence so will my paintings. As the days get sunnier and brighter, the greens and yellows within my paintings will gradually take on brighter and more vivid tones. I have not yet had the chance to paint the Aberystwyth woodland in the summer months so I'm thrillingly looking forward to the coming months and highliy anticipate the way my work will begin to look through the coming seasons.

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