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Museum Workshop

Before filling up on chocolate at the weekend, I was able to help out with one of the Ceredigion Museum's workshops down in the Old College. The turn out was quieter than the previous day, but with the weather as nice as it was, there's no wonder it was quieter!

The workshop consisted of sculpting birds out of various bits of wire inspired by the Museum's current exhibition and the Old College's exhibition on the Archaeopteryx (a dinosaur believed to be the link between bird and reptile).

I had so much fun sculpting the birds out of wire!

It had never occurred to me how mechanical it would be, I was always having to constantly readjust and re balance the model so that it would not become top-heavy.

The bit I found most enjoyable was seeing the various personalities that could be created when attaching the pipe cleaners to the bird (at many various points the birds seemed to have jazz hands!) and the variety of sculptures that had been made. There were little ones and tall ones, free standing and 'flying' birds which were all so creative. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! With my volunteering at the museum I'll get to participate in other workshops and events throughout the year which I will continue to look forward to.

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